The TNVLC is ready to help your company meet its philanthropic and employee engagement goals. Our Corporate Volunteer Program will customize service projects that align with your company’s philanthropic interests and goals. The Volunteer Center of Durham staff will develop, plan and implement a service program tailored to the needs and priorities of your company. Volunteer opportunities can occur once or multiple times; can be small- or large- scale; and can target any of our core program areas.

To learn more about corporate partnership opportunities, please 
 contact Lenore Donaldson, Agency and Volunteer Services Director via
email or 919-613-4515

Effective employee volunteer programs have rewarding benefits.

Company Benefits Employee Benefits
Improve your Community Give back to your community
Enhance your company's image. Enhance your communication, organization and time management skills.
Boost customer loyalty by giving customers a new reason to support you. Develop leadership skills among your staff.
Increase team work, morale, and trust among your employees. Boost retention. Increase employees' understanding of co-workers and respect for diversity and other cultures.